Heating and cooling accounts for 50 % of total energy consumption in Europe, 75% of which comes from fossil fuels. Decarbonising this sector is key to achieving the energy transition. To this end, the EU has three key legislative instruments: the Energy Efficiency Directive, the Renewable Energy Directive and the Energy Performance of Buildings Directive. 

This map shows the main provisions of the Green Deal on renewable heating and cooling and the most significant steps that will contribute to the decarbonisation of the heating and cooling sector. It outlines the timeline of the legislative process that led to the adoption of the EED, EPBD and RED texts, as well as their main general objectives and key points related to heating and cooling. It also highlights other relevant instruments such as the Emissions Trading Scheme 2, the Social Climate Fund and the Electricity Market Design Rules. The information is based on texts from the directives, the results of the RHC regulatory framework report prepared by the project partners and the Clean Heat Europe report (April 2024). 

REDI4HEAT supports the RED heating and cooling legislation and related measures. It assesses the impacts of the revised directives in the Fitfor55 package to help policy makers and stakeholders implement the heating and cooling provisions. Take a look at the map!