Heat Transition Toolbox

This toolbox is designed to support national, regional and local stakeholders on their path to the heat transition. With a range of free software tools, our Europe-wide collection of tools enables a wide range of RHC system specifications for individual end customers as well as entire heating network systems, supplemented by comprehensive guidelines for building viable business models and implementing essential financing strategies. Beyond technical support, our resources extend to fostering inclusive co-creation initiatives with citizens and promoting inclusive participation and awareness within communities. Find the right measures to take concrete steps together towards a sustainable future in your country, region or community.

Womble Bond Dickinson - Heat networks: Procuring Finance (United Kingdom)

This guidance document provides essential considerations for Local Authorities and NPIs to collaborate effectively in Heat Network projects. While it refrains from offering legal advice, it emphasizes the importance of seeking appropriate legal, financial, and commercial counsel. Tailored for Local Authorities, it also applies to other public bodies involved in Heat Network development and aligns with additional BEIS guidance, such as Detailed Project Delivery (DPD) and Financing Heat Networks in the UK. With a focus on Heat Networks supplying multiple buildings, it offers insights applicable beyond England and Wales, with potential relevance to communal heating in multi-occupancy block in other areas.

mPower - peer to peer learning programme (Europe)

The mPower peer-to-peer learning program, a Horizon 2020 initiative, offers a comprehensive guide to European local authorities, facilitating knowledge exchange and inspiring municipalities to develop innovative solutions for energy projects. This program is beneficial for government bodies, the energy industry, private investors, and citizens alike, as it provides practical guidance on implementing participatory processes and financing energy initiatives. By promoting awareness and knowledge transfer, mPower actively contributes to the goals of the heating transition in Europe, supporting the adoption of renewable energy solutions at the local level. Moreover, it enhances financial aspects by making renewable energy financing more accessible, ultimately leading to new economic opportunities within implementing regions. Overall, mPower serves as a valuable resource for stakeholders seeking to drive sustainable energy transitions and foster community engagement across the EU.