Boost Renewables, Slash Emissions: Initiatives and tools for heating & cooling

Unveil the Power of Collaboration: REDI4HeatIN-PLAN, and ConnectHeat unite for a Greener Europe!

Join us for a dynamic webinar where we dive into the transformative initiatives of three EU projects funded under the LIFE Programme. Discover how they are mobilizing national, regional, and local authorities to drive sustainable energy and climate agendas forward.

Get Inspired: Discover the main activities the projects are carrying out and learn how they are equipping stakeholders across Europe with the tools and best practices needed to accelerate the decarbonization of heating and cooling systems.

Take Action: Be part of the final discussion, where we will reflect on how to shape strategic frameworks and policies to increase the uptake of renewable energy and improve heating and cooling efficiency across the continent.

Don’t miss your chance to be at the forefront of Europe’s energy revolution: Join us and make a difference today!